RICQLÈS is made in France since 1838 !

RICQLÈS Peppermint Extract was invented 180 years ago in the South of France.

Heyman de Ricqlès was a young silk trader with a passion for botany, and he got particularly interested in peppermint leaves. In 1838 he managed to elaborate a natural distillation process with several secret manipulations to keep intact all the properties of essential oil : RICQLÈS Peppermint Extract was born.

An unchanged recipe since 1838

The success of RICQLÈS Peppermint Extract stems from several factors: its secret recipe which has not changed for over 180 years, its wonderful story through the years, its multiple benefits and the careful selection of ingredients* used to produce it.

*Ingredients : Alcohol, water, peppermint essential oil (Mentha Piperita).

100% Natural product

RICQLÈS Peppermint Extract is 100% Natural, without any additives, preservatives or colorings.

The production process is also fully natural, which does not alter the properties of the selected mint leaves. A slow steam distillation process transforms the fresh peppermint leaves into a very high quality essential oil.

RICQLÈS’ know-how consists of selecting, purifying then associating great quality mint. The addition of alcohol and water enable to preserve all its properties over several years.

Refreshing, calming and relaxing virtues

If used daily, RICQLÈS Peppermint Extract can help you find calm and serenity.

The well-known refreshing effect of peppermint can contribute to physical and mental well-being, and help soothe and relieve stress.

Peppermint is refreshing and re-energizing so it can also contribute to fight against fatigue.

When applied on the skin, peppermint helps calm down irritations and relieves itching (especially those related to mosquito bites).

When applied on the legs peppermint can contribute to soothing the feeling of “heavy legs”.

After 180 years, RICQLÈS is getting a facelift

For its 180 years anniversary, RICQLÈS Peppermint Extract presents a new natural and refined visual identity that reflects both its unique heritage and its benefits for the body and mind.

RICQLÈS Peppermint Extract is available in a glass bottle of 30 ml protected by a nice individual packaging. It is also available in a display set of 12 packs.

Did you know ?

RICQLÈS peppermint extract can be kept for up to 5 years after production.