Mint is one of the plants well known for its numerous virtues. Romans used to drop a few mint leaves in their wine to transform it into a beverage forbidden to women. In the Middle Ages, people already started using mint, especially in Europe. There are many different species of mint.

Peppermint (Mentha Piperita) stands out in particular thanks to its exceptional properties, especially when it is applied on the skin.

Calming and refreshing

Peppermint can help regain calm and serenity thanks to its well known refreshing effects.


Peppermint can contribute to physical and mental well being and help to soothe and relieve stress.


Peppermint helps to calm irritations and relieves itching (especially those related to mosquito bites).


Peppermint is refreshing and re-energizing so it can also contribute to fight against fatigue.

In order to maintain its impeccable quality, peppermint selected by Ricqlès comes exclusively from France (primary source) and the USA.

Did you know ?

As local regulations differ from one country to another, we are not authorized to promote all the uses of RICQLÈS Peppermint Extract. However, there is only one single formula for RICQLÈS Peppermint Extract, produced in France since 1838. Beware of counterfeits!