Made in France since 1838

RICQLÈS peppermint extract is produced in the south of France, in the small town of Uzès at the gates of Provence.

A natural process

Its current production process is similar to the one invented by Heyman de Ricqlès in 1838.

The production process is perfectly natural. It combines simplicity and precision, and ensures that the outstanding properties of peppermint are preserved.

-First, mint leaves are carefully harvested at dawn, in order to keep their freshness and unique caracteristics.

-They then undergo a natural steam distillation process that enables the slow extraction of a high quality essential oil.

-This mixture of essential oil and water is then cooled in a condenser (cooling coil) in order to isolate the essential oil on the one hand and water (known as floral water) on the other hand.

-The next stage consists of adding to this essential oil alcohol and water in well defined proportions in order to preserve its properties for a long time.

-All that is left to be done is to put Ricqlès peppermint extract in its valuable bottles, and prepare it to be shipped around the world!

International quality standards

RICQLÈS peppermint extract is produced according to the highest quality standards, approved by a certification in compliance with international requirements.

Did you know?

Each peppermint leaf contains very little essential oil, which explains its high price. At least one ton of fresh mint leaves are needed to make 7 kg of essential oil: Quality has a price!